PWM/CNC Washing Machine Motor Controller

The basic controller has been extended to enable it to be controlled by a CNC program .This icreases its versitility enabling it to be controlled by PC using the parallel interface or a micro-processor generating PWM. The speed controller is now available as a kit with ready wired/tested PCB. Prices are £45 without the mains filter, fitted and supplied by the user from the donor washing machine (£10 separately) . This is still not for the beginner, advanced mechanical and electrical skills are needed. Buy with paypal (click on picture).  Both 250v and 115v versions available, please specify.  Overseas, where carriage is prohibitive, controllers will be provided without the box and appropriate extra instructions.1----2-----3----4----

There is also a CNC controller under development to allow other brushed universal motors without a tacho generator to be used so watch this space. It will use an opto-coupler.

You may want to control the draught in a furness or the cutting speed of a lathe tool or mill. This box of tricks has the capability. It has initially used with Zeus CNC program but should work from Mach 3 or 4 with PWM function. It may also be operated from Agilent VEE or National instruments Lab Windows via a microcontroller.
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CNC controller supplement. 

Manual controller
All controllers have this layout

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