Free washing machine motor

Use a motor from a defunct washing machine to drive your engineering projects e.g. lathe, potters wheel, pillar drill, mixer etc. My speed controller is now available as a kit with ready wired/tested PCB. Prices are £40 without the mains filter, fitted and supplied by the user from the donor washing machine (£10 separately) . This is still not for the beginner, advanced mechanical and electrical skills are needed. Buy with paypal (click on picture).  Both 250v and 115v versions available, please specify. Our controller now has revised panel layout, to encourage worldwide inovation prices remain the same. All controllers will be provided on the front panel but without the box to save on postage. See appropriate extra instructions 1----2-----3----4----

Please note these are not the same as the cheap open loop, non constant speed controllers sold on E-bay and have superior speed/torque characteristics to many variable frequency inverter induction motor drives costing £100's.

The CNC controller to be operated by PWM  is now available.

Go on get that lathe going, you will be able to make all sorts of gear. Ever had a pulley that needs opening out to fit a motor? You can even do milling work.
See controller handbook. See update

filter options
Old picture see CNC controller for revised layout 
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