Power Hacksaw using washing machine bits.

  1.  Uses ordinary 12 inch 24 tpi hacksaw blades.
  2.  Swivel vice for angled cuts up to 45 degrees.
  3.  Single pulley design for easy construction.
  4.  Uses washing machine triac with TDA1085 contoller motor speed reduction.
  5.  Uses proper rotary bearings for long life.
  6.  Fully encased for safe operation.
  7.  Free standing on a bench can be moved to suit any cutting position.
  8.  Can be lifted by one man.
  9.  Modern motors are adapted to work on 115v or 250v (UK & USA)
  10.  See my video

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For just £12 U.K post paid you can learn how to build this electronically controlled power hacksaw.
* Electronic controller with tacho feedback can be used for lathes etc. 
Latest PCB now available 
This PCB is avilable now for £14.
It can be used for the hacksaw controller . Instructions and circuit supplied(with hacksaw manual)