Cal Enterprises Ltd

Scope of intended work

 Repair of electronic gear. We can fulfil the needs of industry by providing cost effective repairs of critical items both production and measurement. This facility is backed up by traceable test standards.
Test systems development

I have in the past taken an active role in B.Ae,s calibration technicians training courses at both basic and advanced levels so I can provide training which could be tailored to the needs of prospective clients.
Having developed measurement procedures under challenging  conditions I consider my self an expert in measurement  problem solving, a skill which must be useful to others.
My engineering project for C.Eng status involved the calibration of R.F power sensors.
Custom test equipment has been always been an interest with expertise at low frequency, high frequency, in the commersial  envioriment.

3 GHZ capabilty. We can demonstrate a capability for making traceable R.F swept measurements at this moment measurement capability. I have obtained other R.F measuring equipment which I intend to calibrate as needed. I could do a lot more research into developing more interfaces to work into the VEE 6.1 program e.g. serial,parallel,USB and infra-red.

ATE systems
There have been many times when old equipment had to be kept running because it fitted into racks and/ or was part of a system. I can provide valuable support for old systems as well as new by fault finding at component/designer level.
If you wish to hire me or receive a free demonstration of VEE capabilities  provided you are local or inquire about anything else. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
I have realized that here in the UK there is a reluctance of employers to employ contract labor get any jobs done externally. In the future I am devoting my spare capacity to new  product research and development. There are already new designs in the pipe-line including a revolutionary chair for use to alleviate many of the back problems associated with bench work and computer operation and a wide band amplifier to allow spectrum analyzers to make measurements as low as -120dBm.
In recognition of the need for adequate transit packaging for delicate instruments a custom made made service is offered. The form lined boxes are re-usable and provide optimum protection during the transit and storage of expensive items. Apply for prices.
Other developments I cannot say too much about at this stage sufficed to say that I embrace a wide spectrum of up-to-the-minute technology in their implementation.

My rates are a very competitive at £19 per hour.