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0.1 to 3GHZ Amplifier

For maximum rigidity and ease of use female N-connectors have been used. SMA's were contemplated but this would have meant using flimsy adapters when hanging the amplifier from the N-type connectors of my RF test equipment.Robust mechanical construction using N-type connectors fastened to the inside of a diecast box (52x38x27mm) was adopted.

The device comes with a 15v regulator fitted and requires at least 24v to ensure stability. A LED indicates power connection.

Each amplifier is checked with the tracking generator of my HP 8560A spectrum analyser and a gain/frequency record response up to 2.9GHZ is supplied.(traceable to national standards)


These are available in small quantities at £30 + £5 carriage. Cick on image to buy.

Please E-mail me  to check availability.

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