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R.F power measurement

Power accuracy using the 848X sensor family varying from +/-1.2 %  at 1mW

 +/-1.5 % at 100mW from 100KHz to 18GHz (independant of miss-match uncertaity.)

 Up to 10W using the coupler up to 1GHz at +/- 1.8% and 100W using the attenuator at +/-2.0%.

 Amplifier power sources --                   35W from 10KHz to 150MHz
                                                           3W  from 150MHz to 1000MHz

Attenuation measurement

The best uncertanty/resolution is +/- 0.1dB per 10db step over the range
 100KHz to 2.9 GHz (indipendant of miss-match uncertainty). Using a
 NIST certified attenuator with the  DC substitution power ratio as back-up.