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Measurement capabilities(Using 8590A spectrum analyser in an automated system)

R.F level and insertion loss (swept measurements)       Voltage standing wave ratio(VSWRswept)

+/- 1dB   10 MHz to 500 MHz                                 10 MHz  to  1000 MHz

+/-  1.5dB 500 MHz to 1000 MHz                             uncertainty not yet assigned
+/- 2.0dB 1000 MHz to 2.9 GHz
Some uses of these capabilities------
Plotting filter characteristics--Adjusting aerials--Verifying co-axial leads--Amplifier response curves--Finding the distance to co-axial cable faults--Calibrating signal generators--Assessing field strength(with appropriate antenna)--Locateing RF radiation from electronic equipment(EMC)

Measurement capability will change as more equipment becomes available, there is a back- log of equipment for internal calibration.