Cal Enterprises Ltd

                  Hello, having been made recenty redundant I have decided to start my own test and measurement company. I had worked for B.Ae calibration centre for the last 25 years, calibrating and repairing instruments used in the Polaris and Trident submarine programmes at the Barrow shipyard. This was an interesting job and I attended many many MOD sponsered training courses. There were many opportunities to work on complicated equipment and I prided myself in being able to repair almost anything.. To gain further knowledge and hopefully obtain promotion I started with the Open University 5 years ago. I gained the status of Chartered Engineer in October 2003. However I did not obtain the promotion I required at B.Ae so I left at te end of March 2003 when the present contract closed.
The last 4 years have given me chance to develop embedded systems to report voltages and frequencies to a PC running VEE runtime (very simular to LABVIEW). These are important tools which will be used in investigations of green energy systems. There is no shortage of ideas to be investigated. Machine tools have been commisioned for the construction of models. This will be the strategy for the future, with the aim of being able to generate ones own domestic power.

                                                                                          Keith J. Cockburn C.Eng

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