Cal Enterprises Ltd

Measurement capabilities(Useing 7150 D.V.M)

D.C Voltage                                                        A.C voltage (20Hz to 100KHz)

+/- 0.03%  0.1v to 1Kv                                         +/- 0.5% to 1.0% depending on level and voltage

                                                                              within 0.2v to 750v range (750v up to 30KHz)
D.C Current                                                       A..C current (40Hz to 5kHz)
+/- 0.3% 10mA to 2A                                            +/-1.0% 10ma to 2A
D.C resistance
+/- 0.5% up to 20Kohm,     +/-0.3% 20Kohm to 20Mohm
Some uses of these capabilities------D.C and low frequency A.C measurements define the starting point from which all
traceable work is derived. This D.V.M was calibrated at B.Ae calibration centre Barrow-in-Furness, 18 Nov 03.

Measurement capability will change as more equipment becomes available, there is a back- log of equipment for internal calibration.