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Bitscope Extra

April 2005
                  Well after 2 years I have managed to get a program going. I am not a programmer but a calibration engineer. I was worried about triggering for a long time until I realised that with over 8K of trace to play with the bit you want to see will be in there somewhere. VEE conveniently gives ample zoom facilities when the whole RAM is downloaded. So here it is with the ussual disclaimers as to the effect that any measurements made are the responsibility of the user (it was adjusted against my HP8903E audio analyser). Now that I have made a start I intend to develop further programs using more advanced features. I the meantime this program will allow testing of the box after construction and allow basic measurements.Use advanced VEE features to zoom in on selected trace portions and delta cursor features (operated with the mouse). My Vee developer license certificate is GSDC-N3W8-Y2JE-4QG4.
Here is the program in 4 different forms depending which serial port you have free, double clicking on it or a shortcut should run it by association with runtime.OScope1  OScope2      OScope3   OScope4

They have been changed to rtf extention to get past Explorer and will need changing back to a vxe before execution
You will need sicl libraries to configure your serial port.

The VEE 6.1 runtime software necessary to run the program (50M) is freely downloadable from Agilent on

Stop press ! I have discovered microsoft quickbasic, this should allow me to write an exe which can be accessed by VEE. The problem has been VEE downloads a character at a time allowing an echoe With quickbasic I should be able to download a complete block. When will I ever get the time ?