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Bitscope development(
                                         There are several designs of digital oscilloscope on the market.The more professional instruments are extremely expensive, the fast analogue converter type are an inexpensive alternative. Most of these have user interface programs which allow a trace to be displayed on the computer monitor but no access to enable settings or data download from a program such as VEE 6.1. The "Bitscope" company seemed to be the only ones to satisfy these requirements. A kit of parts was purchased and 3 months were spent making it up and developing a program to access it from VEE. Correct operation was verified against the calibrator present in my 545B oscilloscope.
The specification is for a dual channel 50 MHz oscilloscope with built in 1GHz counter, however further time is needed to fully integrate these features into VEE. The capability to restore settings could be extremely useful for example for one shot pulse measurements.

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